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The Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Duluth.

Are you in need of a qualified Duluth Criminal Defense Attorney? If you’ve been charged with a DUI / DWI, gun-related crime, or property crime in Duluth or Superior, you need expert legal counsel on your side. Kevin Cornwell is among the best Criminal Defense Attorneys in the Duluth / Superior region. Whether you need a gun defense attorney or a traffic lawyer, he’s by your side. With a long track record of success, it’s clear to see why Kevin has gained such an incredible reputation. Contact Kevin today to set up a free consultation.


What Happens at a Legal Consultation?

The purpose of a legal consultation is to have an initial discussion about your case with a lawyer. Your job is to provide as much detail about your case as possible. Bring any records or reports you can. If you have any documents that might relate to your case, please bring them!

Remember: the more information you can provide your lawyer, the better they can represent you. It does not help you or your case to leave out details that seem incriminating. I cannot prepare a defense against details you do not reveal.

A legal consultation is not binding. You are welcome to consult with several different lawyers and then decide which one seems like the best fit.