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A DUI or OWI charge in Wisconsin or Minnesota can carry serious repercussions for your livelihood, would you be able to work without a license and pay the costly fines? The process for charging an individual with a DWI/DUI can be complex and there are many specific procedural processes that must be followed and observed by law enforcement in Wisconsin and Minnesota DUI or DWI cases. It is important to have a Minnesota or Wisconsin DUI/OWI attorney on your side who has deep experience in analyzing DUI and DWI cases in careful detail to seek out failures to follow a procedure that could get your case dismissed, or charges reduced.

Most Common Wisconsin OWI Charges

Wisconsin OWI penalties are based on a wide variety of factors that include the number of offenses, your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), whether injuries occurred, and a variety of other indices that can influence the severity of your charges. In Wisconsin, your charges can range from a fine of up to $300 and 6 to 9-month driver’s license revocation for your first offense, unless your BAC is above .15 if you have a minor in the car at the time, in which case more extensive penalties may be leveled. Additional offenses will lead to increased penalties and potential jail or even prison time, and fines that increase based on your blood alcohol content.

  • 1st offense – Often carries no jail time, can lead to $300 in fines and a 6 to 9-month license suspension.
  • 2nd offense – Includes a 5-day minimum and a 6 month maximum of jail time and up to $1100 in fines, with a 12-18 month suspension.
  • 3rd offense – Can lead to up to 1 year in jail, a 2 to 3-year license suspension and up to $2000 in fines.

Most Common Minnesota DWI Penalties

Minnesota DWI charges can carry tougher penalties in many instances than Wisconsin, but the many procedural intricacies still exist so it is even more important you have an experienced Duluth DWI attorney prepared to work on your behalf to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.


  • A 1st offense – Carries a 1st offense is a misdemeanor and carries up to 90 days in jail $1000 in fines and can lead to a suspended license for 90 days.  In some circumstances, however, a 1st offense is a gross misdemeanor (test of .16 or higher, test refusal, minor in vehicle) and carries higher penalties and lengthier license revocation.
  • 2nd and 3rd offense within 10 years – Up to 1 year in jail and/or $3000 in fines.
  • 4th offense in 10 years – This is a felony offense which carries up to 7 years in prison and/or $14,000 in fines.


DWI and OWI charges can lead to heavy penalties and a wide variety of additional costs that aren’t directly related to the charges, including missed work and a lack of private transportation. It is important you have a Superior OWI Attorney or Duluth DWI Attorney who will be able to review all aspects of your unique case and help you decide on the best course for your circumstances. Early consultation with a DWI-OWI attorney can mean the difference between harsh penalties or the possibility of reduced charges or, in rare cases, dismissals. Contact Cornwell Criminal Law Today to discuss your options.


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