Superior & Duluth Forfeiture Attorney

Forfeiture involves the state or federal seizure of private property that law enforcement believes may have been gained through alleged criminal acts or using funds gained through alleged criminal acts or to pay fines levied by the court. To have property seized you do not need to be charged with a crime, which means having an experienced Duluth – Superior Forfeiture attorney is extremely important. Without an experienced forfeiture attorney, you will be under the mercy of law enforcement with little to no recourse, while your home, car or any variety of other private property or assets are seized without you ever being charged with a crime.

Duluth Forfeiture Attorney

Having a Duluth – Superior forfeiture attorney on your side is extremely important to challenge a forfeiture successfully and can lead to a reduction in the total forfeiture amount, a return of your property or a complete dismissal of your forfeiture saving your money and or property.

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