Superior & Duluth Homicide Defense Lawyer

If you are facing a charge of murder or homicide, choosing the right homicide lawyer to defend you will be the most important decision you make. Make sure you choose a lawyer who will fully investigate every aspect of your case and enlist the help of any experts that can help build a solid case on your behalf or testify in support of your defense. At Cornwell Criminal Law we understand how to build a homicide defense around the unique aspects of your case, to ensure you have the highest chance of success. See our results.

Homicide Defense in Duluth and Superior

As a murder defense attorney in the Duluth – Superior area who has over 20 years of experience defending clients against charges of homicide, Cornwell Criminal Law understands the nuances of local court procedures and practices that surround homicide cases. We also know that each homicide case has a wide variety of unique circumstances that need to be addressed and aggressively leveraged to build a homicide defense tailored specifically to each individual case. When facing a charge as serious as murder, you need to be sure you have a Duluth – Superior homicide attorney on your side who has the experience and tenacity necessary to mount a serious and well-prepared defense on your behalf.

Aggressive Homicide Defense

If you have been accused of homicide or are facing investigation it is important you get a qualified homicide defense attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you contact Cornwell Criminal Law the sooner we can begin crafting a unique homicide defense for your circumstances. Don’t wait to begin your defense contact us now.




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